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Last note on the leaking of private photos

Individual persons have a right to privacy and personal security - the right to not be burgled, to be violated, to be harassed, to be assaulted, to be killed.  When these rights are infringed and boundaries disrupted, we attempt to have social systems in place to address the wrongs.

As we learn over and over, no, these systems are not perfect.  God, are they fucked sometimes.  Not my point at the moment… the point is as a society we know certain things are immoral and actionable and attempt counteraction.

Celebrities, by dint of being individual persons, are also owed these basic rights and a system to help them.  We have, however, normalized the constant and unceasing infringement of their rights.  To some extent their lives are more public - but this does not mean blowing up their privacy is okay.  Again, we as consumers and media as pushers consistently shove on their boundaries.

Celebrities often enter into deals with paparazzi and other media hawks in a give and take relationship - they or their agents will divvy things up.  “So and So will be at the Lakers game and this pub afterward from six to eleven, we’ll arrange something.”  They do this for publicity and often to buy what’s left of their dwindling privacy otherwise - sell the one appearance, maybe, maybe get left alone when they’re out with their kids.

Probably won’t be.  There’s always a Perez willing to buy the shot.

This is not okay.  Just because it’s normalized, it’s not okay.  And now we see these boundaries broken up entire, with pictures stolen (an outright crime) without their consent and put online for people to leer at.  Who do, and then proceed to blame the celebrities in question - how dare they be sexual with a distant partner - why upload to something that can be hacked - oh come on, it won’t hurt their career.  Maybe it’ll help it! - This’ll ruin their careers!  THEY’LL HAVE TO DO PORN!

Ordinary, every day victim blaming.  But it’s okay, because it’s celebrities. Everything we know about them is media persona.  That makes them less than people.  They’re actual objects, there to do a job.  If it inconveniences them or breaks their rights, they’re celebrities.  They should expect that.

(they shouldn’t have to!)

The Reddit community devoted to this privacy leak has a notice stating that the identity (or identities) of the leaker are to be protected.

It’s a fucking shame nobody ‘round there gives a shit about the privacy of the women being leered at.

Ferguson fundraiser mystery solved -- or is it? »

Vaguely interesting look at the trail behind the two competing fund raisers for the officer that shot Michael Brown.  Focuses solely on the attempt to figure out who started the fundraisers but does not engage in the larger topic of conversation - why so many of these people with their hands outreached and their wallets open are gigantic-ass racists and Stormfronters.

for real though I am about to flip my shit something ballistic over this.

"But why save them to the cloud?  I’m just asking questions!"


I need to go find my chill.  I think I left it under a dumpster.

Swear to God, the next person to come up to me and say ‘they shouldn’t have taken the pictures on anything that could be hacked!’ or similar blame shifting is gonna…

Suffer me picturing slapping them in the face with dead fish for a week because I am a wimp about confrontation. It’s still shitty blame games. Jesus, your photo album can be stolen from your house, are we just not supposed to take pictures?

The Fappening can go right to hell

The ‘fappening’, as that shithole Reddit likes to casually refer to this massive invasion of privacy, is fucking disgusting.

There is no justification.

In a right world, there would be no need to painstakingly explain to assholes why they do not have a God-given right to access and spank to these nudes.

It goes to show just how enormously backwards society is about sexuality and women’s rights and privacy.  The great uniter of the internet are the various skirmishes against SOPA and other threats to Net Neutrality.  Assault an anon’s privacy, or a redditor’s privacy, and it is regarded (correctly) a crime.  An invasion.

Victimizing a celebrity, breaking their boundaries and privacy against their will?  Oh, well, fuck them for being a celebrity, right?

It is fucking disgusting.  There is no excuse.





I put on The Secret of NIMH for my nephew and he’s more into it than expected. A+ Auntie Aden.

Spoke too soon, he’s so bored. F.

Wait till he gets to the bit with the Great Owl and the spider.  Lord knows I was traumatized.

Nope, he’s just totally turned off like right after that. Sad, but it happens I guess.

Whaaaaat.  Argh.  Well, maybe the next movie.



I put on The Secret of NIMH for my nephew and he’s more into it than expected. A+ Auntie Aden.

Spoke too soon, he’s so bored. F.

Wait till he gets to the bit with the Great Owl and the spider.  Lord knows I was traumatized.